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Thursday 23rd October:
Portfolio Workshop

Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) Portfolio Workshop (23rd October 2014)

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CPD Endorsement Process

SENr is delighted to announce the launch of its CPD Endorsement Process.  Endorsement is a process whereby learning activity providers can gain a mark of quality for their learning activities for the SEN workforce from SENr.  The purpose of this endorsement process is to provide mutual benefit to the SEN workforce, the learning activity providers and other training participants by offering a system which provides quality assurance of CPD learning activities for all those involved.

For further details and guidance, please visit the Education and Training Page.

SENr Fee Structure (March 2014 onwards)

SENr continually listens to its members and interested parties and strives to improve the quality of service to all.  We appreciate that in these austere times paying for membership of numerous professional bodies and voluntary registers can be difficult. From 1st March 2014 the SENr fee structure changde and membership charges were significantly reduced. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.  The full fee structure can be found on the Registration page.

Qualities of a great nutritionist ...

“In my mind a great nutritionist will be trustworthy, qualified, open-minded, approachable and always willing to learn. My health and well-being are crucial to my life and work, and I wouldn't put those in just anybody's hands.”
Katherine Grainger, Olympic Rower