October 2016

Launch of streamlined registration process and competency framework / guidance with three categories of registration only:
·         Graduate
·         Practitioner
·         Academic Associate

Registrants will shortly receive new logos for emails / websites etc.

Launch of two new online modules:
·         Guide to Registration
·         Developing a case study

November 2016

Autumn Showcase Event (3rd-4th November, Leeds)
Portfolio training day (3rd November, Leeds)

December 2016

ISENC:  SENr presentation and lunchtime Q&A session

Portfolio Submission for Practitioner Registration (15th)

January 2017

Registration Panel Meeting (13th)

February 2017

Accreditation and Approval Submission for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes (1st)

Annual Accreditation and Approval submission date for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes (1st)

March 2017

Review of Accreditation and Approval submissions (TBC)

April -May 2017

Exciting SENr Campaign – More to follow.

June 2017

Registration Submission Date (1st)

5 year re-accreditation submissions for Practitioner Registrants (1st)

3 year + CPD submissions for Graduates (1st)

July – August 2017

Registration Panel Meeting (applications, 5 year re-accreditation, Graduate CPD) (TBC)

September – October 2017

Showcase Event (TBC)

December 2017

Registration submission date (1st)