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SENr Accreditation and Approval

There are many courses available which claim to equip someone to provide nutritional advice to athletes.  The purpose of SENr is to promote high standards of education and services in sports and exercise nutrition. Any education you undertake therefore also needs to meet the standards identified.


SENr Accreditation

SENr has begun a programme of accreditation for MSc/PgDip/Cert in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.    Any student successfully graduating from an SENr accredited course (MSc or PgDip) will be automatically eligible to join the SENr Graduate Register (upon submission of registration form / fee and character reference form). Any RD or AfN Nutritionist will be eligible to join the Graduate Register on completion of the PG Cert.


SENr approved undergrad prog

Approved Undergraduate Courses

The undergraduate programme approval process recognises that the course programme has been mapped to the SENr knowledge competencies at an introductory / basic level.  Thus, whilst the undergraduate degree would need to be supplemented by an appropriate postgraduate qualification for an individual to be accepted onto the Graduate Register, SENr approval denotes that the undergraduate element of SENr Graduate status has been achieved through this programme of study.


Higher education institutions looking to gain SENr Approval or Accreditation should contact BDA Office at

  • View the 2017 Student Presentation – All about SENr
  • Louise Sutton, Course Lead at Leeds Beckett University has kindly written a useful Case Study for other programmes applying for accreditation


SENR Endorsed for CPD

 SENr Learning Activity Endorsement

SENr is delighted to offer its Learning Activity Endorsement Process. The SENr endorsement process has been developed as a flexible tool which can be applied to a range of educational activities both for Registrants and other sport and exercise nutrition stakeholders.  Activities may include:

  • Conferences and events
  • Training days
  • Single modules or a series of related educational activities
  • Online learning (single modules or a series of activities )


In granting endorsement and release of SENr logo, the SENr (through the BDA) is confirming that the content, format and hours involved are appropriate to the subject matter and intended audience.

Guidance for Endorsement of Learning Activities

SENr Accreditation Application Form

Application Form for Annual Re-Endorsement