Graduate Registration

SENR Graduate Registrant

Those new to the field, or new graduates, can apply for Graduate Registration. This enables people who have the appropriate knowledge base but not yet the experience, to join the Register. It encourages safe and ethical practice in graduate registrants from graduation and their initial engagement in sports and exercise nutrition at different levels of practice.

Graduate registration is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate appropriate qualifications.

The maximum period of graduate registration will be 3 years, after which time the registrant will be required to demonstrate the requirements for full registration.

Section A of the SENr-Competency Framework 2017  details the competences required of graduate registrants in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. The SENr Guide to Registration 2017 also provides more information on what is expected from applicants.

Please access the SENr graduate application form at Appendix 1: Graduate Registration.

Graduate applications should be sent to the BDA Office at

The SENr Board has debated at length the option to allow special dispensation to those who do not possess postgraduate nutrition qualifications but can demonstrate many years sports nutrition experience.  The final decision of the Board is that the qualification requirements must stand.  Graduate Registration will only be approved once a sports and exercise nutrition postgraduate diploma has been achieved.  Practitioner Registration cannot be applied for until this qualification requirement has been met. (April 2017)