Types of Registration

Following a survey in summer 2016, SENr has now streamlined its registration process and moved to just three routes to registration (merging the previous Full and High Performance categories into one Practitioner category).  All routes are outlined in full in the SENr Guide to Registration 2017

SENr has also produced online modules to guide you through the registration process. These can be found on our CPD pages.

1.  Practitioner Registration


This route is for Dietitians, Nutritionists and Sport and Exercise Scientists who can meet the requirements outlined in the SENr Competency Framework.  Registration is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate appropriate qualifications and proficiency gained after relevant professional experience.

Documents required: 

SENr Guide to Registration 2017 Appendix 2 Practitioner

SENr Competency Framework


2.  Graduate Registration

SENR Graduate Registrant

This route is for individuals that have completed appropriate degree level qualifications, but do not currently have the relevant professional experience. It encourages safe and ethical practice in graduate registrants from graduation and their initial engagement in sports and exercise nutrition at different levels of practice.

Applicants need to demonstrate achievement of all the knowledge criteria.

Documents required (as above):

Appendix 1: Graduate Registration


 3.  Academic Associate Registrant

 SENR Registrant AA

SENr can now acknowledge those with significant sport and exercise nutrition academic and research interests but for whom the practice-based route is not feasible. It has therefore launched an Academic Associate Registration pathway.

Document required:

SENr Guide to Registration 2017