Academic Associate Registration


Academic Associate registration has been established to acknowledge those with significant sport and exercise nutrition academic and research interests but for whom the practitioner registration route is not feasible because they do not practice in the applied context and cannot meet Practitioner Registrant competences. It aims to recognise the contribution that academics and researchers make to the developing evidence-base in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, but is not a route to practice. Those academics and researchers who feel they can comprehensively evidence the competency requirements of Practitioner Resistant status are advised to register through that route.


SENr Academic Associates will hold a relevant PhD and have a recognised profile and standing within the SEN academic / research community.  

Applicants are invited to submit the following documentation:

  • a CV to outline background and professional qualifications
  • a personal statement on how they support SENr initiatives
  • a written recommendation a current SENr Register Practitioner

Full details can be found in:  SENr Guide to Registration

Applications to become an Academic Associate should be sent to the BDA Office at